Tuesday, 27 May 2014

What is Cashmere?

The cashmere word derives from Kashmir. Cashmere means cashmere wool or pashmina cashmere wool is obtained from some special type of goats in fact it is hair of goat but this is very unique in normal wool that is obtained from sheep’ original pashmina is always demand of world market because it is highly luxury items.


Monday, 26 May 2014

What is pashmina?

World's Softest Cloth is pashmina. Pashmina is highest grade of wool. This is fashion fabric of this modern era. It is known for its softness, it exemplifies luxury and elegance.

Pashmina is considered to be a luxury that is meant to be passed on to future generations. There is a lot of variety of the pashmina fabric. There are sweaters, Shawls, Stoles, Mufflers, scarves, etc.

Pashmina is all about warmth, sophistication, elegance, softness in fashion. Original Pashmina is always in demand in the world.

The whole process of making Pashmina is done by hand. First it is collected from the Mountain goat “Chyangra”. http://absolutepashmina.com/Pashmina is the goat’s soft underbelly don, which lies under the coarse and thick outer hair. A goat produces only about 70 grams of pashmina each year. So to make a pashmina shawl require wool from about three goats. Dyeing is done by an expert with many years of experience and a seasoned hand. They use only natural color.

==================================================================================Pashmina Making Process:
Wool Collection:
First all wool collected from the goat is processed.
Soft & pure pashmina is separated from thick coarse hair.

Pashmina is spun by hand. Stretching and cleaning it to remove any dirt. It is soaked for a few days in a mixture of rice and water to make it softer.

Dyeing of shawls and stoles is also an art. it is done by seasoned artisans who use only AZO free dyes for the same.    

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