Friday, 13 June 2014

Different type of pashmina.

Type of Pashmina

There is variety of colours and type of pashmina and pashmina products (scarf, stole, shawls, wrap, blankets, and sweaters) available in market.
Pashmina wool is known for warmth, comfort, fashion and style.


It is made from the finest hair of a baby goat, this goat lives at mountain. It is softest fabric.


It is also made from mountain goat living at an altitude of 15000ft to 16000ft. It is pure pashmina that is demand of market but it is very costly.

Silk Pashmina:

Another pashmina type is Silk Pashmina. It is a mixture of pure pashmina and natural silk, it's price is lower than pure pashmina.

Superfine Pani Pashmina:

It is also know as woven pashmina it look similar like wool.

Fancy Cashmere pashmina with swarovski - Absolute Pashmina

A stunning fusion of a peacock and a horse elegantly set on black .A one of a kind unique Ashwa collection design on the finest, luxuriant and softest hand spun, hand woven 100% pure cashmere pashmina. Hand painted and swaroskvi embellishhed.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

How to Wear a Pashmina Shawl Fashionably?

A pashmina shawl is a great way to keep the cool weather at bay. There are many other ways to
wear a shawl so that you can stay at the height of fashion.

With a pashmina shawl, they are lightweight and warm, but they can be worn without making
you feel uncomfortable. While originally made out of a wool/silk blend, other types now
available are made from different fabrics.

If you want a fashion statement without feeling as if you are overheated, look for one made of
cotton or vecose. These fabrics aren’t designed for warmth as much as cashmere is, so they are
better for indoor ensembles.

One way to wear a pashmina shawl is over the shoulders and secured with a broach. You can
secure the shawl in front of you or on one shoulder for a different look.

If you don’t like the idea of a broach, you can secure the shawl by tying it in a knot or using a
circlet. These versions don’t always stay in place, however, especially if silk is part of the
material used to create the shawl.

For those who want to create a different look, you can drape the shawl over your shoulder and
tuck it into your belt. If you wish, you can tie it at your waist.

A different version of this look is draping it over your shoulders, like a scarf, and then tucks both
ends into your belt or waistband. If you have a plain top and pattern scarf, the contrast is

Some people wear their pashmina shawl toga-like over a dress. This look can keep you as warm
as the traditional version but offers a unique appearance for a dinner party or romantic

Shawls are long and wide, and the pashmina variety is often oversized. This allows you to drape
it over your head and then wrap it around your shoulders.

If you wrap it around your upper body twice, there is often enough material to drape the
pashmina shawl over your shoulder. Slender women can pull off nicely this nice, Roman look.
If you are slender or have narrow hips, a shawl can be worn as an overskirt. Simply tie it around
your waist over pants or a skirt.

The result is a gypsy look, especially if you have a plain skirt and multi-colored shawl. You can
secure it in front of you or over one hip if you like.

There are so many different ways to wear a pashmina shawl. Whether you are looking for a way
to stay warm on a spring evening or a new way to spruce up an old outfit, a shawl is a nice

A pashmina shawl is a great way to stay abreast of fashion trends without buying a new outfit.

A few shawls in different colors and patterns can create several new looks. Bring your wardrobe
to life with a pashmina shawl.

Monday, 2 June 2014

What is cost of pashmina shawl or stole.

There are many pashmina products available in the market. The price of cashmere shawls may be between $100 to 200$. if you are buying an original 100% cashmere pashmina shawl the cost would be higher. If you are buying a mixture of silk and pashmina then it is cheaper.

Type of pashmina.

1)      Pure Pashmina is known as cashmere wool that is naturally made from special type of goat hair. Pashmina is hand spun and hand woven. It is known as 100% cashmere pashmina. It is high on demand in UK and other countries. Pashmina is unique type of wool fabric. Pashmina is super soft, light weight, natural fabric, that is very warm to wear.

2)     Pashmina is 100% pure cashmere wool. Silk, viscose and marino wool is also mixed with pashmina to make stoles & scarves.

3)      Pashmina is made from sheering the goat during summer months. No harm is done to the goat. It regrows it's hair on the onset of winter months.

Process or steps to make pashmina?

To make pashmina all work is done by hand only by very expert person. Production of pashmina is take long time, and work. Because there is a lot of steps to produce pashmina. I mention steps to how to make pashmina:
Himalaya goat   -- >   combing Hairs   -- >   Collect Raw Pashmina(Fine + Guard hair)   -- >    Sorting Fine Pashmina    -- >   Playing on Charkha    -- >   Yarn    -- >   Wash    -- >    Dying    -- >   Washing    -- >   Shawl

What is different between Shehtoosh & Pashmina?

Firstly there is very big different between Shehtoosh & Pashmina. Shehtoosh word is used for wool garments usually shawls, Shehtoosh is made from the hair of chiru. Chiru are almost similar like goat but not goat. They found at in the high Himalaya Mountains of Tibet, Western China, India. They are killed for their parts & each part is used for different items. Chiru hairs are used to make shehtoosh wool. Shehtoosh is prohibited by U.S. and some other country.
Pashmina is a natural wool. pashmina is also kwon as cashmere wool. Pashmina is used to make shawl, stole, scarf, wrap etc..  pashmina is always demand in the world it is made from hair of Kashmir goat that live under the mountain. Pashmina is natural wool because it is made from goat hair. Pashmina is very warm, soft, light weight weighted. It is known as luxury products in today fashion era.
But question is how to identify natural pashmina. Here are some tips:

1)      Pashmina is softer than shehtoosh.

2)      Pashmina is light weight than shehtoosh.