Friday, 13 June 2014

Different type of pashmina.

Type of Pashmina

There is variety of colours and type of pashmina and pashmina products (scarf, stole, shawls, wrap, blankets, and sweaters) available in market.
Pashmina wool is known for warmth, comfort, fashion and style.


It is made from the finest hair of a baby goat, this goat lives at mountain. It is softest fabric.


It is also made from mountain goat living at an altitude of 15000ft to 16000ft. It is pure pashmina that is demand of market but it is very costly.

Silk Pashmina:

Another pashmina type is Silk Pashmina. It is a mixture of pure pashmina and natural silk, it's price is lower than pure pashmina.

Superfine Pani Pashmina:

It is also know as woven pashmina it look similar like wool.

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