Monday, 2 June 2014

What is different between Shehtoosh & Pashmina?

Firstly there is very big different between Shehtoosh & Pashmina. Shehtoosh word is used for wool garments usually shawls, Shehtoosh is made from the hair of chiru. Chiru are almost similar like goat but not goat. They found at in the high Himalaya Mountains of Tibet, Western China, India. They are killed for their parts & each part is used for different items. Chiru hairs are used to make shehtoosh wool. Shehtoosh is prohibited by U.S. and some other country.
Pashmina is a natural wool. pashmina is also kwon as cashmere wool. Pashmina is used to make shawl, stole, scarf, wrap etc..  pashmina is always demand in the world it is made from hair of Kashmir goat that live under the mountain. Pashmina is natural wool because it is made from goat hair. Pashmina is very warm, soft, light weight weighted. It is known as luxury products in today fashion era.
But question is how to identify natural pashmina. Here are some tips:

1)      Pashmina is softer than shehtoosh.

2)      Pashmina is light weight than shehtoosh.

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